“Energy moves in waves, waves move in patterns, patterns move in rhythms. A human body is just that; energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance. 

 – Gabrielle Roth
The Wave


In the first rhythm we contact the earth. We feel the floor supporting us, we rest in gravity, and breath in our surroundings. We receive ourselves in the moment, letting in all that we are. When connecting with others we invite their inprints beneath our skin. We allow ourself to feel when it is safe to open and when we want to protect and close. Always pulsing. Our feet are following our flow. Our moves are circular, like blood flowing through our veins.

The Wave


The second rhythm is clear and fiery. We express ourselves through definite shapes. This is the rhythm for setting goals and intentions. We connect our heart and pelvis, letting ourselves be seen. We may get in touch with our bravery and strength, and start relating to others. As the beat starts pumping we let our bodies play the percussive. Angular, sharp and direct. Breathing it out.

The Wave


At the top of the wave we can only surrender to the wildness of our being, if we want to surf it. Trying to resist is likely to feel painful. We let go. We put our mind in our feet and our feet in the beat. We give up any attempts of controlling. We are flowing, shaping, twirling. Our body knows the way. We let our dance transform us. This is a place where polarities meet, where we give up judging and let our thoughts run down our spine. It is a place where we free our selves, and open to new rooms inside our selves. In the third rhythm we access our creative potential. 

The Wave


In the fourth rhythm we enter the lightness of our being. Our footsteps are feathery, our hands soft. Movements may become repetative, we are finding new patterns and ways of being. Our bodies may shake or tremble, opening up to new sensations and vibrations. Our dance is taken over and we are being moved. This is the dance that only you can do. Our dance group is like a spiderweb of connectedness, we sense each others moves and energies, as we sense our selves both on the inside and on the outside. 

The Wave


We have roots that go all the way back to zero. In the last rhythm we gather all the sensations and informations we have received in the dance, integrating and embracing. We dance with our physical body as well as the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. We move in the realms of ether. Slow and meditative . Our breath move us. We rest. We recognize the wholeness of our being. Becoming aware that we and our surroundings are one. We let be.

5Rytmer er skapt av Gabrielle Roth og praktiseres av titusener over hele verden. Det er en filosofi, et perspektiv, en kunstform og en dynamisk bevegelsespraksis fundert på Gabrielles kjente utsagn: «If you put the body in motion the psyche will heal itself.» Bevegelse er både medisinen og metaforen som bretter seg ut over alle språk, kulturer og aldersgrupper for å transformere smerte til kunst, kunst til bevissthet, og bevissthet til handling. Der 5Rytmer praktiseres oppstår et fellesskap hvor vi får danse, svette, forvandle og støtte hverandre. Sammen holder vi et trygt rom der hver og en av oss kan gi litt slipp på våre faste forestillinger om hvem og hva vi skal være, og vekke til live den saftlige, uforutsigbare, fascinerende, på kanten av stupet-vandrende, rockestjerne delen av oss som lengter etter å være fri.

I 5Rytmer er det ingen trinn som skal læres. Vi danser det vi er, akkurat nå. Ved gjentatt erfaring av hvordan de 5 bevegelseskvalitetene kommer til uttrykk i kroppen får vi mulighet til å gå stadig dypere i vår egen prosess.